Phantom wallet mobile.

Solana Pay

Yesterday phantom wallet was launched on mobile, a long awaited news for the whole solana environment and its nfts. This will allow us to carry our nfts on our smartphone, exchange them anywhere, and of course both deposit and withdraw money from our wallet.
Thanks to news like this, solana and its community will continue to grow at a great pace, which in the future will be reflected in the prices, which is what we all want!
Of course solana’s official twitter account didn’t miss this event and decided to comment it in a tweet, reaching a lot more people.


I am fortunate to have access to a large group of DAO projects within solana, so I think I can bring a lot of quality information to this blog to help you when entering or exiting any project.
I am not going to give you any financial advice, I am not recommending to buy or sell anything at any time, I just want to present objectively the environment of various projects and serve you as useful for your own benefit.

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